Song Cau tourism

Song Cau is 170km north of Nha Trang and 50km south of Quy Nhon. Highway buses can drop off and pick up here (with luck). If travelling with your own wheels, take the stunning coastal road north of Song Cau that winds its way to Quy Nhon, as there are several isolated beaches en route.

1. Xuan Dai Bay

Xuan Dai Bay in Song Cau
Xuan Dai Bay, the best landscape in Song Cau 
During traveling through Vietnam, when tourists go to the top of Gang slope ,tourists will be amazed in front of the charming landscape with vast coconut forest, majestic mountains which are surrounded a small area in the green water, quiet-like picture paintings. It's an interesting point of Xuan Dai Bay. Xuan Dai Bay has an area 13 045 ha and there are many small pools in the Bay: Vung La, Vung Su , Vung Chao…In addition, there are many islands and peninsulas which are isolated majestically such as: Ong Xa island, Nhat Tu Son, Da Mai apex, Tai Ma apex, Mu U.

Formerly, Xuan Dai Bay has many historical vestiges, the military bases of the Tay Son - Nguyen Hue, the bustling commercial port of the French and also the military port of fascist Japan during the war Second World

Nowadays experts say Xuan Dai Bay is one of the bay with the biggest tourist potential in Central. It is planned to develop this kind of sea resort tourism, water sports tourism, marine ecotourism ...

2. Cu Mong marsh

Dam Cu Mong dep me hon
Cu Mong Marsh
Being surrounded by 6 communes Northeast River Bridge: Xuan Canh Xuan Hoa, Xuan Hai, Xuan Loc, Xuan Binh and Xuan Thinh. Natural area has 2,655 hectare . Xuan Dai Bay has many tasty seafood , cool climate, tranquil lagoon side. Specially, it has the village hidden in the shadow of vast green coconut,and has many attractions, many historical, cultural value around Cu Mong marsh, such as:

3. Cong Than Temple: known as Hon Nan Temple and located on the Nan island( enters Cu Mong lagoon in Hoa Loi village, Xuan Canh). Cong Than Temple was built in 1802 and remembered the merits of the soldiers and generals of the Nguyen were killed here, in fight with Tay Son army.

4. Cu Lao Nan monument, Hon Huong , Ma 9 floors (Xuan Canh) where Tay Son army of Nguyen Hue fought against Nguyen Anh ‘s military waterway.

5. Go Oc archaeological vestiges (Tho Loc village , Xuan Binh): located adjacent to Cu Mong lagoon, the vestiges of the lives of the original prehistoric dating from today approximately 3,500 years. The site is excavated in 1991 by Vietnam History Museum.

Go Oc

Guests are from the north to south on Highway 1A and international tourists stop here all the sightseeing, enjoy the cool breeze light, fresh and well-known special dishes like: nuts, lobster, crab Cu Mong lagoon, ....

6. Bai Bang – Bai Bau - Bai Nhom - Bai Rang

Highway 1D located in Xuan Hai (northeast of Song Cau district). It is one of the ideal beach destination located along the route Qui Nhon - Song Cau Nhon about 20 km and Tuy Hoa city about 80 km. It has natural landscapes, with high mountains along the banks of white sand and clean. It forms arcs sea views and Cu Lao Xanh islet ,beautiful beaches, high slopes, blue sea, cool climate, fresh.
Xuan Hai beach

This is a wonderful address for tourists on theweekend breaks, holidays and accommodations from the South to the North, is a great base for activities of rest, recreation, camping, picnicking, swimming ... and eats dishes seafood specialties such as shrimp, crab, snails, fish, squid ... .Currently, it had some business to be consider tourism as well as make many convenient conditions to attract tourists .

7. Tu Nham Beach

It belongs Xuan Thinh village, Song Cau town, and it is far from Tuy Hoa city about 71 kilometers in the north along Highway 1A and turns into the path which runs along the mountain and passes Xuan Dai Bay then goes to Dong Tranh mountain pour to the East Coast. The first impression for guests is many landscape of sand, each dunes represents for a particular beauty and always converts through the time to form strange shapes. It makes visitors to be pleased when they discover or travel in there.

Standing on the high dunes , tourists can look Tu Nham which likes the two large bow around Mo O Bay and Quan bay with the deep blue water. Located under high casuarinas near Mui Ong Dien foothills also has a small fishing village, visitors can walk to enjoy the fresh seafood dishes caught by fishermen from the sea.

It is potential tourist due to natural gift, Tu Nham beach has many advantages to invest into an ideal resort in the future.

8. Bai Nom beach

It belongs Hoa An village, Xuan Hoa, Song Cau district in the northeast,. It is far from Highway 1A about 15 km by the motorways. Arc-shaped sands cover the beaches. White sand, smooth slope, clear blue watersea and quiet surface . Beaches locate near the casuarina forests with sand dunes and mountains covered at both ends. The landscape here is still primitive and fresh air and is a good condition to form the resort, swimming, camping or picnic on weekend. Nowadays , it is the attractive destination of tourists.

9. Bai Tram beach

From Tuy Hoa city tourists go to the north about 70km along Highway 1A, then turn the east about 4 km is Bai Tram - a wonderfully natural landscape of Hoa Thanh village , Xuan Canh commune, Song Cau town .

Bai Tram is surrounded by An Hoa mountains on three sides North - West - South.Bai Tram looks like a silver crescent approximately 1 km. Steep coast, calm blue sea, white sand beaches and lush green coconut are located consecutively with traces of a house by a French merchant built as a resting place. ... All make up wild beauty and charm. it always welcome tourist to visit.

10. Nhat Tu Son Ecological tourism:

Located in Xuan Dai Bay, My Thanh village , Xuan Tho 1, Song Cau district. From Highway 1A, Chanh Nam ( in the South of Gang Slope) to the east over one kilometer , guests will find a range of mountains that looks like the one in Chinese, perhaps so that it is called Nhat Tu son . When the tide is low, Nhat Tu Son is connected to shore by numerous sand. When the tide is high, Nhat Tu Son becomes completely an islet. In the mountains, there are forests with many rare tree species.

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